“It’s high time we had a biography of Theodore Davis, the eccentric millionaire who cut a wide swath in Egyptology (and elsewhere)during the 1900’s. Was he as big a crook as some of us suspected? John Adams has the answer!” – Dr. Barbara Mertz, author of TEMPLES, TOMBS AND HIEROGLYPHS and, as “Elizabeth Peters,” the Amelia Peabody mystery series.

“Theodore Davis, a flamboyant American millionaire,was responsible for some of the most provocative discoveries ever in Egyptian archaeology, and an accessible authoritative biography of this curious, remarkable man is long overdue. John Adams tells the story of Davis with substance and enthusiasm in his enjoyable book, which should greatly appeal to anyone with an interest in ancient Egypt and the exploration of its remains.”
– Dr. Donald P. Ryan, archaeologist, excvator in the Valley of the Kings and author of BENEATH THE SANDS OF EGYPT.


About John Adams

Egyptophile, author, retired library executive.
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One Response to Early Opinions of THE MILLIONAIRE AND THE MUMMIES

  1. segmation says:

    ancient egypt also had some awesome art, right?

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